Teaser for Season 4 of ‘Fringe’

Below is a new teaser for the coming season of “Fringe,” which will debut on September 23rd after miraculously surviving a move to Friday nights last season. The new footage that gets presented hints that Olivia feels a hole in her life where Peter Bishop used to be.

At least, that’s what I’ve gleaned from reading other sites’ write-ups for this teaser. I’m sorry to say that I know very little about “Fringe,” and it’s probably going to stay that way — after all, I never liked “The X Files,” and I just barely tolerated “Lost,” so I don’t think this is the show for me. But I understand and respect the cult appeal of “Fringe,” and I particularly appreciate that it looks way less gay than “Doctor Who,” so you genre fans can go ahead and geek out. I’ll leave the room to look for new corgi videos while you discuss plot points.

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