‘The Daily Show’ Already Made Hilarious Parodies Of That Unedited Ted Cruz Footage

Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign decided that it would be fun to upload the unedited footage of his family awkwardly acting through campaign commercials. Instead, it’s provided unintentional comedy for many. After spending his opening segment slamming Cruz’s policies, Trevor Noah noted that adding theme music put a very different spin on his footage. You can find The Daily Show‘s edits above and below, but if you think you can do better, you can send one and possibly get it aired on television.

We encourage you to make your own remixed Ted Cruz video based on the raw footage and your own creativity. Then post it to Tumblr with “Cruz Your Own Adventure” as the tag. We’ll reblog the ones we like and put the best on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Have fun, internet.

It’s taken some creative chops to top the likes of Senator Dad.

(Via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)