‘Bored To Death’ Writer Jonathan Ames Thought He ‘Destroyed’ Ted Danson After Getting Him Incredibly Stoned

11.19.17 3 months ago

HBO’s Bored to Death is an underrated gem of a show that not many people watched at the time, but has gained a cult following since its cancellation in 2011. The story of a writer turned far-too-honest private eye named “Jonathan Ames” and his elite New York magazine publisher and desperate for sex cartoonist sidekicks isn’t the most accessible subject, but when you get Bored to Death, it hits hard. Kind of like HBO’s Vice Principals.

Some of the Bored to Death‘s best moments come when the characters are stoned, which they are often. Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, and Ted Danson’s overly-serious adventures into the seedy world of Craig’s List private detective work (and magazine publishing) are in a perpetual cloud of pot smoke, and in an interview with the cast at Vulture Festival, it seemed that way off-screen as well.

One of the show’s episodes shows Danson’s character, George Christopher, smoking out of a Volcano weed vaporizer that was written into the script thanks to a pleasant experience series creator Jonathan Ames had with the impressive device.


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