Teddy on ‘90210’ Is Gay

08.17.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

Teddy, the character on “90210” played by Trevor Donovan, will come out as gay on the series this fall. Unapologetic twit Michael Ausiello originally framed this development as an exclusive blind item (never mind that a blind item isn’t really an exclusive if you’re not revealing actual news), and now he’s calling it a spoiler alert.

Now, I don’t care about gay characters on TV, and I especially don’t care about “90210,” but I wanted to disclose all that information in the headline because I can’t f*cking stand it when people feel the need to stamp SPOILER! on a pretty mundane development.

Try to think about the actual world instead of TV for a moment. Think back to high school and any closeted friends you might have had. EVERYONE knew that the gay kids were gay before the gay kids did. Later on, they were all, “I have a confession: I’m gay!” And everyone else was like, “Duh. It’s been pretty obvious since sixth grade.” So for this to happen on a TV show about high school kids shouldn’t be a huge surprise to the other characters or anyone else with a frontal lobe. “Wait, the pretty boy with a waxed chest is gay?!? Aw, you’ve ruined the whole season for me!”

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