Teen karaoke to make baseball bearable

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.12.10 6 Comments

Baseball officials have announced that 24-year old television teenager Amber Riley of “Glee” fame will sing a set of songs and the national anthem before Tuesday’s edition of the Major League Baseball All-Star game at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.

The recently Emmy-nominated “Glee” chronicles the musical lives of a group of talented high school outcasts who do something I’m not informed about on television while I do something better with my life.  Riley plays “Mercedes,” a character so sassy that almost no other typecast actress could play her.  She was asked to perform The Star-Spangled Banner because everything performed on Glee was written 200 years ago.

“Glee” will continue to take over the sports world this February with a post-Super Bowl special in tribute to the music of Michael Jackson.

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