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BBC America is presently airing the third season of the controversial teen drama “Skins,” and there was a mild stir among teen lesbian sex scene enthusiasts when a teen lesbian sex scene was edited to be slightly less racy than original version.

In the original version that aired on British TV, the girls are shown kissing for several seconds by the lake, stopping to take off their sweatshirts (leaving them in t-shirts and underwear), and then making out again as they begin to have sex on the blanket. Next we see Naomi trying to sneak away the next morning, before Emily wakes up.

In the version shown in the U.S. last week, the girls are shown kissing and removing their sweatshirts, kissing again as they lie down, and then the scene cuts to Naomi’s departure the next morning.

Whatever. The important thing here is that video of teenage lesbian sex is online, and I’ve got it below. Hooray! (Don’t worry, Grandma, it’s safe for work.)

The scene in question happens from about 1:55 to about 3:45 (bonus sexy time a little after the 5:00 mark). And of course the whole video is set to almost nine minutes of “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West. Because why would anything NOT be about Kanye this week?

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