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MTV has acquired the rights to “Skins,” the controversial and popular U.K. show about teenagers that regularly featured them doing drugs and having sex.  “Skins” was unique in that all of the story lines were written by teens, so expect the American version to feature horrible writing with sentences that end in “lol” instead of periods.  Curiously, the show’s going to be set in super-unsexy Baltimore.

“‘Skins’ is one of those rare shows that cuts through to its core audience with unusually authentic stories due to the unique writing and casting process that Bryan pioneered,” said Liz Gateley, senior VP, MTV Series Development. “Having personally pursued the U.K. project for almost two years, I am beyond thrilled to bring it to MTV in the U.S. We intend to preserve the authenticity of the British version and are excited to collaborate with the original team to develop stories that will speak to American youth.”

Though MTV is certainly excited about the show — a hit format starring unknown actors and written by newbies is exactly the sort of of low-cost programming model the network swoons for — fans of the U.K. version might have preferred a less content restrictive U.S. network had gained the rights. [THR]

They’re not kidding about the sex, either.  There’s some pretty excellent nudity in this sex scene (NSFW — since when does YouTube allow boobs?), and the Season 1 trailer looks like a video version of Last Night’s Party doing an AXE commercial.  That sounds like an insult, but I actually liked it.  There was a nice combination of sex and vomiting.

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