David Tennant Celebrates 100 Years Of Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity With This Charming Recap

Most people don’t pay attention to high school science classes, and then avoid them at any cost once they get to college. All of those chemistry and physics details are hard to keep in one brain on their own, even more so when piled on top of other important details like how to drive a car and what you had for breakfast that morning. So it’s no surprise that the average person might not understand the specific ins and outs of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Thankfully, David Tennant is here to remedy that particular gap of knowledge with a super adorable animated video.

As The 10th Doctor, Tennant was charming and cheeky in the best way possible. As Kilgrave in the recent Netflix series Jessica Jones,Tennant is creepy and a super villain who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. In this video Tennant combines those two talents by actually being smarter than everyone but still sounding very charming in the process. His explanation is simple but comprehensive and even accounts for the ways in which Einstein’s theory could be…gasp…wrong! If you want to make up for sleeping through a few early morning chem lectures, relive the days of Tennant explaining things as The Doctor, and learn something via cute animated figures acting out warped space and time, then this is the video for you. Thanks David!

(via Vulture)