Terry Crews Will Host An ‘America’s Got Talent’ Spin-Off

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Thursday, while accused sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh was being repeatedly told by GOP senators today that they’re sorry for what he’s gone through, there was some good news for Terry Crews, who’s actually received an apology from the person who allegedly abused him.

The actor and former movie president will host a new winter edition of America’s Got Talent, subtitled The Champions, reports Vulture. That means even more Terry Crews on our screens, and when isn’t more Terry Crews better than only moderate amounts of Terry Crews?

The show, which will launch in January, will bring back previous contestants — fan favorites or ones who were simply memorable. Crews will be joined by the usual AGT panel, namely Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell and Howie Mandell, who to some of us will forever be the star of the ’80s feral dude comedy Walk Like a Man, co-starring Christopher Lloyd and Cloris Leachman.

Crews is a busy man. He’ll do the AGT:TC stint while juggling Brooklyn Nine-Nine, on which he’s acted since 2013. He’ll also presumably continue to speak out against those who sexually assault people and speak for those struggling to deal with said abuse, hopefully not while being grilled by decaying Republicans with zero idea of how to talk to people who’ve undergone trauma and even less of an interest in learning how to do same.

(Via Vulture)