You Can Now Watch Terry Crews Make Christmas Paintings For 24 Hours Straight


First you could watch Nick Offerman sit in front of a fireplace, nipping from a warm glass of Scotch and silently staring at you, for all eternity. Now, for the next 24 hours, you can watch Terry Crews paint a Christmas tree. It’s called A Very Terry Christmas: Cozy 24-Hour Painting Sesh with Terry Crews, and it’s airing on YouTube “live,” right here, as we type these words. Presumably, after the official 24-hour period ends, it will live there for those with a jones for the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star channeling his inner Bob Ross.

We put scare quotes around “live” because the video isn’t actually live. Those who watch long enough notice that it’s a 42-minute loop, and that Crews only paints a single tree. You don’t expect Crews to stay up a few day, churning out numerous holiday-related paintings, slowly losing his sanity, do you? He’s a busy man. Along with his regular Brooklyn Nine-Nine gig, he’s gearing up to host his own America’s Got Talent spin-off. On top of that, he’s a #MeToo crusader, inspired by his own experiences with sexual misconduct to purge the industry, and the world, of those who do such wrongs.

But for now, find a comfortable chair, click on the above link, and zone out to Idiocracy’s President Camacho whispering to himself about “happy little trees,” as he gently creates a wintertime image a thousand times more reputable than a Thomas Kinkade.

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