That Hayley Atwell ‘Agent Carter’ TV Series Is Totally Happening

Poor Peggy Carter. Hayley Atwell’s sassafras spoutin’ character was one of the best parts of the first Captain America movie, but then ol’ Cap went and got frozen and left her behind. That scene of her in old lady make-up in Captain America: The Winter Solider? The business was unacceptable.

Well, thankfully Cap’s awkward pity visit to the old folks home won’t be the last we see of Agent Carter. Rumors have been swirling for a while that her well-received Marvel One-Shot was going to lead to a TV series, and that Hayley Atwell had agreed to reprise the character. Well, now we have the final piece of the puzzle — word is the series has been picked up by ABC. Granted, we still have no official press release from ABC, but yeah, it’s totally happening.

Of course, it will be interesting to see how this Agent Carter series will coexist with ABC’s other Marvel series, Agents of SHIELD (remember, Peggy Carter was one of the founders of SHIELD). According the Deadline Hollywood, Agent Carter will likely be a limited, 13-episode series used to bridge the fall and spring portions of season two of Agents of SHIELD.

Hmmm, I dunno — I actually think an Agent Carter series has a lot of potential and tying it to Agents of SHIELD, a series that has been no great shakes in either the reviews or ratings department, might be doing it a disservice. But hey, I’m sure Joss Whedon wouldn’t mind getting his mitts on Agent Carter — I mean, most of his characters (especially the female ones) are already straight out of a 1930s screwball comedy.

via Hitfix & Deadline Hollywood