04.01.09 9 years ago 18 Comments

On Monday night’s “Dancing with the Stars,” Shawn Johnson and her partner Mark Ballas did the Lindy Hop, and Deadspin suggested that maybe Ballas had gotten an erection during the dance.  As evidence, the site provided a photo someone had snapped of their non-HD TV screen.  That right there is some hard-hittin’ wild speculation, Internet-style.

So what do I do?  I download the special player from so I can watch the episode in HD, and I spend several minutes watching ballroom dancing and staring at the crotch of a man wearing short-shorts.  One of the real perks of the job.

Anyway, no need to call “To Catch a Predator,” as my repeated viewings and close inspection lead me to conclude that Ballas didn’t have a boner.  Believe me, I know boners.  Er, I mean, if his is anything like mine, it pops out above the waistline.  Call me ladies!

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