That Time Key And Peele Totally Rejected President Obama

Key and Peele are the comedy duo everyone wants to work with right now. Don’t believe us? This story of how they totally rejected President Obama should prove our point. The guys, who’ve been busy starring in films, lending their funny to other TV shows and, oh yeah, creating the fourth season of their hit Comedy Central sketch series, have so much on their plate, that when the Commander-in-Chief came calling with a pitch for his own skit, the boys had to let POTUS down easy.

It all happened back when Obamacare was relatively new and the president wanted to spread awareness of his Affordable Care Act. Obama came to the comedians, hoping to do a comedy sketch to get the word out on his initiative for more affordable health care but Key and Peele had to turn poor POTUS away:

We had to turn him down. We were making the season. We literally couldn’t fit it in to our schedules. So we actually had to relieve the president of his duties. We couldn’t help him out on that one particular time. But this is a country where we technically have status over our elected officials. So you gotta remember, Obama works for us.

Technically, that’s true. But everything ended up working out for the best because Zach Galifianakis didn’t mind playing sloppy seconds to the comedy team and bringing us one of the most hilarious episodes of Between Two Ferns we’ve ever seen. Here’s an early #tbt to jog your memory:

Source: EW