That’s All for ‘Prime Suspect’

“Prime Suspect” got pulled from NBC’s midseason schedule the same day that “Community” did, but things are grimmer for Maria Bello’s Jane Timoney than they are for the students of Greendale Community College: NBC has shut down production on the remake of the acclaimed British miniseries.

Prime Suspect will complete Episode 12, which is now wrapping filming, and Episode 13, which starts shooting this week, before shutting down for the holiday and for the season. That fulfills the series’ original 13-episode order. I hear people on the show were told that Prime Suspect has been canceled. There will be no more episodes produced this season (and likely ever), but technically, according to a rep for the network, NBC brass are still “considering their options” for the show, which hypothetically could be picked up for next season. [Deadline]

This is a shame. As Alan Sepinwall noted, this quickly grew into an excellent show, and Maria Bello absolutely owned the lead role. “Prime Suspect” is 800 times the show than something like “Unforgettable” is, and it would be a huge hit on CBS. But there’s no realistic way for big networks to trade shows, so I’ll just have to hope that TNT can pick up “Prime Suspect” and keep it going the same way it did with “Southland.”

And for the record, I always liked the hat.