The 10 Best Musical Moments On TV In 2012

Let me preface this introduction (that’s a thing, right?) by saying: “musical moments” doesn’t mean this post is filled with clips from Glee or Smash (sorry, that one person who likes Smash). What you’ll see after the jump are the best songs, both original and, well, not, that appeared on various (scripted) TV shows throughout 2012, including a certain French ditty on Mad Men and Happy Endings‘ crossdressing ode to Madonna.

How does a musical moment qualify? Two ways: for original songs, if we already remember every lyric from the number; for existing songs, if we think of the TV scene when we hear the song on the radio. For instance, to go back to Happy Endings, “Like a Prayer” is sung by Mandonna…in our hearts. Always about the Mandonna.

Show: Happy Endings
Song: “Like a Prayer” by Mandonna

Show: Game of Thrones
Song: “The Rains of Castamere” by Bronn & Co.

Show: South Park
Song: “It’s Him, James Cameron” by the James Cameron Singers

Show: Community
Song: “Kiss from a Rose” by Jeff Winger and Dean Pelton

Show: American Dad!
Song: “Cool It Down” by New Edition

Show: Parks and Recreation
Song: “Catch Your Dream” by Mouse Rat

Show: New Girl
Song: “The Saddest Song in the World” by Winston, Nick, Cece, Jess, and Schmidt

Show: Boardwalk Empire
Song: “King Tut” by Eddie Cantor and Billie Kent

Show: Breaking Bad
Song: “Crystal Blue Persuasion” by Tommy James and the Shondells

Show: Mad Men
Song: “Zou Bisou Bisou” by Megan Draper