The Biggest Slimeball F*ck Weasels on Television

What is a Slimeball F*ck Weasel? Basically, he is television character who puts his own interests ahead of everyone else’s, even those of his friends, family, and co-workers. The Slimeball F*ck Weasel is seldom the main antagonists in a show: He’s more of the turncoat. The guy who gives up the protagonist. He helps to facilitate the conflict. A Slimeball F*ck Weasel’s loyalty is whoever can help them the most. They’re hustlers, con men, and manipulative bastards. They’re often endearing and fun to hate, but in most instances, hate them you do.

Thus, in honor of Uproxx’s “Mad Men” Season Finale Discussion (head on over) and the top choice on this list, I present, without comment, The Biggest Slimeball F*ck Weasels on TV.

Ryan Howard, “The Office”

Rodney Ruxin, “The League”

Jonah Ryan, “Veep”

Senor Chang, “Community”

Shane Walsh, “The Walking Dead”

Thomas Barrow, “Downton Abbey”

Wynn Duffy, “Justified”

Petyr Baelish, “Game of Thrones”

Pete Campbell, “Mad Men”

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