The 15 Best Lines From FX’s ‘The League,’ Featuring Dirty Randy And Brooklyn Decker

Two fun episodes last night, heavily featuring Brooklyn Decker, who did not dress revealingly, but she WAS funny. Surprisingly so (having seen her in that Adam Sandler travesty, I did not expect much). My only real complaint with last night’s back-to-back episodes was the fact that Dirty Randy was teased, but only showed up for the last 90 seconds of the second episode. But you know what? He was totally worth it. In fact, I had feared I wouldn’t have enough quotes from The League to fill today’s post, but Dirty Randy and Rafi nailed the last five slots in under two minutes of screen time between them. That last line of the episode, spoken to Deion Sanders, may have been my favorite line of the season, although three-fourths of it was in Jason Mantzoukas’ perfect delivery.

Let’s get to the 15 best lines from last night’s episodes.