The 20 Best Cold Opens from 'The Office'

The thing about “The Office” is that, even as the overall quality of the show continues to decline, the Cold Opens are consistently great. When everyone leaves the show, and Dunder Mifflin is turned into office space, the thing I will miss most are those weekly cold opens. The cold opens in the first few seasons, of course, were part of the episode’s overall narrative, but sometimes around the third season, the cold opens became stand-alone vignettes, slices of “The Office” life, and more often than not, they centered on an inspired Jim and Dwight prank.

I’ll cut to the chase here. The videos aren’t easy to find, but OF the embeds I could track down, here are the 20 Best Cold Opens from eight season of “The Office.” You may quibble with the ranking, but I don’t think anyone can reasonably disagree with the top choice.

20. Michael Scott Submerges Face in Cement

19. Michael Gets Gum in His Hair

18. Michael Hits Meredith with His Car

17. Meatball Prank

16. Creed as The Joker

15. Jim Hides Dwight’s Desk in the Bathroom

Dwight’s Desk
Get More: Dwight’s Desk

14. Jim Hides Dwight’s Desk Supplies in the Vending Machine

13. Altoid Pavlovian Mind Control

12. Andy Takes a Joke Too Far

11. DVD Screensaver

10. Heeeeeeey

9. Michael Scott Meets David Brent

8. Threat Level Midnight

7. “Nobody But Me” Musical Opening

6. Parkour

5. Fax from Future Dwight

4. Jim Dressed as Dwight

3. Planking

2. Closing Time

1. Fire Drill