The 30 Best TV Tweets of 2011

Christine Becker — a professor of film and television at Notre Dame who also runs the phenomenal News for TV Majors website and the Twitter account @GoodTVeets — has assembled a massive collection of the Best TV Tweets of 2011. You can read the extensive list here, but I’ve taken the liberty of narrowing them down to the 30 Very Best TV Tweets of the Year, in no particular order. Click on the links to follow their Twitter accounts.

30. Troy/Abed is my forever ship. #Community Carrie Reisler

29. “I was in Sideways you a**holes!!” – Sandra Oh at the table read for the #GreysAnatomyMusical Sara Schaefer

28. Inspired by Extreme Couponing, our third child will be a roomful of mustard. — Scott Tobias

27. The promos for NBC’s new series seem more like warnings than promos. Andy Borowitz

26. At the pace The Walking Dead is going they’ll never find Rosie Larsen’s killer. — Miles Kahn

25. Was disappointed when I heard today’s Community news. Mostly because my jetpack fueled by Internet Outrage is still in prototype. — Jeremy Mongeau

24. Dick Clark doesn’t look a day over dead 5 years ago. Happy New Year! Timmy K

23. How awful must David E. Kelley’s “Wonder Woman” pitch have been? Did he pitch Kathy Bates as Wonder Woman? — Daniel Fienberg

22. “We couldn’t use ‘jag-off’ and we couldn’t use ‘asshole,’ but we could use ‘jag-hole.” -@shawnryantv on broadcast language standards. Alan Sepinwall

21. “Eat your damn burger, son” I said to my 3 year old. “Don’t you dare disappoint Ron Swanson on Memorial Day.” Dustin Rowles


19. I think Joshua Jackson sat down with the Fringe writers & said, “Guys, this sci-fi stuff is a drag. Could we maybe…Pacey it up a little?” Kate Tripoli

18. Some kid who is 15 now will realize he’s old when he’s doing stand-up comedy in 2036 & a young crowd doesn’t get his “WINNING” reference Eli Braden

17. Watching ‘Glee’ doesn’t make kids gay, Victoria Jackson. It makes them gayER. Get it right. Jason Mustain

16. Mad Men off air until 2012. If you want to see men in suits stuck in the past, you’re stuck with GOP presidential field. pourmecoffee

15. Dont get google/yahoo alerts about myself or show. Too distracting. I do google myself every few weeks to make sure I’m still an angry prick Kurt Sutter

14. There must be a guy at AMC that stops you after one sentence of your pitch and says, “whoa whoa, save some of this for season two!” Dan Harmon

13. Is the point of Extreme Couponing to generate more cast members for Hoarders? Andy Denhart

12. If you missed Access Hollywood, you can always stare into a strobe light while you punch yourself in the mouth. Alex Baze


10. Toddlers & Tiaras is my favorite documentary about closeted dads. Morgan Murphy 

9. It’s so obvious The @WeatherChannel is pro hurricane. Fair and balanced my ass. Jim Gaffigan

8. This just in. NBC cancels NBC. Damon Lindelof

7. Jenna Jameson to Oprah: “There’s a little bit of Jenna Jameson in everyone.” I’m pretty sure she got that backwards. Kelly Oxford

6. I love television. And hey, all you tools that take pride in saying “I don’t watch tv”: yes, you do. Stop bullshitting. Bill Lawrence

5. GLAAD telling ABC “Work It” will hurt transgender people. Who else it’ll hurt: people with eyeballs who don’t look away fast enough. Ellen Gray

4. the next time someone says to you “I don’t watch television” say “what’s television?” It’s the checkmate of pretentious lies. Kevin Christy

3. Touche. And ow. RT @murraymaker I wrote the last episode of LOST #worstpickupline Damon Lindelof

2. Watching Downton Abbey and eating a bag of licorice on a Friday night is the new Studio 54 Mindy Kaling

1. Boston professor busted for selling meth… Too bad. Maybe if she stayed out of my territory, I wouldn’t have to drop a dime on her. –W.W. Bryan Cranston