Let ‘The Americans’ Show You How To Have A Good Marriage

02.22.16 3 years ago

The Americans, one of the best shows on television, returns to FX on March 16 for another season of sexy espionage, American-Russian relations, and couplehood tips. While it may not seem like it, considering it was arranged by the KGB, but Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, as played with Emmy-worthy excellence by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, have a very strong marriage.

Here’s why, and how you can strengthen your own.

1. It’s all about trust

Trust is important in all relationships, but especially in marriages. You have to trust that your husband or wife has your best interests in mind, that they’d never do something to betray or upset you. Or, in Elizabeth and Philip’s case, trust that if there’s a dead, naked body in a hotel room that needs to be snapped apart, folded, and stuffed into a suitcase, your partner will break bones with you. To paraphrase the almost era-appropriate George Michael, you gotta have faith (that your mate will cover up a homicide with you).

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