Keri Russell’s Got A Gun In The First Teaser For ‘The Americans’ Season Four

Senior Pop Culture Editor

The Americans, as we’ve said many times before, is one of the best shows of television, right up there with Fargo, Mr. Robot, and whenever that episode of Full House where Joey sings “Janie’s Got a Gun” is on TV Land. You know who else has a gun? Keri Russell, in The Americans‘ first teaser for season four.


I’m guessing the red stands for some sort of political and ideological movement that didn’t jive with the beliefs of Americans, including President Ronald Reagan, in the 1980s. Either that, or the members of Simply Red are moving in with the Jennings next season. What sort of hijinks will ensue when the boys write the lyrics to “Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)” over Elizabeth’s plans to murder another old lady?

Stay tuned (season four premieres next March). Also stay tuned for Uproxx’s Best Shows of 2015 list, which, spoiler alert, includes The Americans.

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