‘The Bachelor’: Whites Only

12.17.10 8 years ago 30 Comments

Among the 30 women who will vie for Bachelor Brad’s love on the new season of “The Bachelor” (premiering January 9th), there are teachers, marketers, nannies, waitresses, and artists. There’s a model, a Radio City Rockette, a funeral director, and — God help us — a “manscaper.” But once again, there isn’t a single woman of color. Just check out this all-star selection of white-girl names:

Alli, Ashley, Ashley, Britt, Britnee, Chantal, Cristy, Jackie, Jessica, Keltie, Kimberly, Lacey, Lindsay, Lisa, Lisa,  Madison, Marissa, Melissa, Michelle, Sarah, Sarah, Shawntel, Stacey.

It’s like a cross between a private school and a strip club.

I’m not some kind of racial crusader, but I’m just saying, if *I* were lucky enough to be the sole man on a TV show in which I got my choice of 30 single women paraded before me like sides of beef, I’d want a little variety. Fifteen percent of Americans are Hispanic (4 or 5 out of 30). Twelve percent are black (3 or 4 out of 30). Another 10 percent are Asian or “other” (3 out of 30). I’m sure 30 white girls is what the Disney executives and ABC’s white-girl audience are most comfortable with, but until “really tan” becomes an official ethnicity, what they’re comfortable with is pretty racist.

[Slideshow of contestants; U.S. Demographics]

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