‘The Bachelorette’ Unveiled Its Most Diverse Group Of Suitors Yet

It’s that time of year again, Bachelor Nation: the latest cast of generic pretty people has been unveiled before the vie for the heart of one woman. With the new season of The Bachelorette right around the bend, Rachel Lindsay, one of the contestants on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, will be the latest woman to look for love in televised places. Much was made over the fact that Lindsay is the first person of color to headline the series, and it looks like the new crop of suitors will also be looking a bit more diverse than the usual fare.

According to sentient Brooks Brothers mannequin and Bachelor host Chris Harrison, “they are a part of the most successful, most diverse and, of course, most dramatic cast we have ever had on the show… Rachel knows what she wants. She’s not looking to date, she’s looking for someone serious.”

In the introduction to the suitors, Harrison also explains that this batch skews a little older, with many of the men being well-educated with good jobs. While this is great for Lindsay — a charming lawyer who seemed way too good for the show during her tenure on The Bachelor — do we really want to see well-adjusted people in the Bachelor mansion instead of petty drama queens who are always looking to start a fight?

Fear not, fans of trash television, because we’ve got some mavericks in the group. While there’s your standard salesmen, consultants and lawyers, one just identifies as a “tickle monster” (yikes) while another merely lists “whaboom” as his occupation (apparently “It’s hard to explain, but it’s a lifestyle”). That sounds about right.

May your commentary be catty and your rosé be plentiful when The Bachelorette returns at 9:00 EST Monday 22 on ABC.

(H/T The Hollywood Reporter)