‘The Bachelorette’ Doesn’t Know What A Meme Is, Made Them Anyway

Despite memes feeling integral to daily life in our corner of the internet, it’s become impossible to deny the majority of the rest of the world is still pretty much f’ing clueless. Between Tiffani Thiessen and three-quarters of our UPROXX 20 participants I’ve had my eyes opened to web culture comedy void (you still rule, Joel McHale). And now the official website for ABC’s The Bachelorette has taken a stab at meme-ifying their show with their very own “meme” tab. You can almost hear a reality TV exec screaming “WE NEED MEMES!” after seeing “something something internet phenomenon” in US Weekly.

Let’s just say they don’t quite get it. There’s no running theme or macro, or even hint of comedy for that matter. Just images of their contestants with captions of the vapid things they say that make so little sense they’re difficult to even enjoy ironically, which coincidentally can also be said for the show.

Here’s a sampling of the complete and utter disconnect. Thank god I don’t know who the hell any of these people are. Consider yourself judged if you do. Except for super white guy. He seems like an OK dude.

The Bachelorette Website via Buzzfeed