The BBC ‘Accidentally’ Broadcasted A Penis On Prince William’s Head This Morning

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I’m guessing that whomever booked Barbershopera (every time I say that name, a horse neighs, like in Young Frankenstein with Frau Blücher) to appear on BBC Breakfast this morning has already been chained up in the Tower of London’s musty dungeons, where they’ll be force fed eel pie until their dying day.

The comedy barbershop group were on the Beeb to promote their song, “I Could Have Married Kate,” but they forgot one thing: comedy barbershop groups are evil. OK, they forgot two things: comedy barbershop groups are evil AND that in the “Kate” music video, you can clearly see a crudely drawn penis on Prince William’s face.

prince william penis

And yet the real dick move is contacting Barbershopera.

(Via BuzzFeed)

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