‘The Bear’ Season 3: An Info Update On The New Season (December 2023)

After FX’s The Bear became a surprise hit on Hulu, there was the obvious question of whether the show could nail the same fire for another round of episodes. Well, the explosive smoldering continued in Season 2, and the Chefs are on their way back to your TV in Season 3. These days, Jeremy Allen White is fending off scripts, and both Ayo Edebiri and Ebon Moss-Bachrach are finally getting their due. That’s especially the case in the latter, who managed to hit the ultimate redemption arc, and we’ll see if he can help Carmy pull his head out of his tush after emerging from the refrigerator jail.

The new restaurant’s friends-and-family night went off despite a few hitches, and more is in motion. Here’s what we know about the third outing so far.


The most recent season finale really puts Carmy at a few crossroads. Not only did he miss out on his big night (with his crew doing just fine without him, and Richie taking charge), but he also got in a fight with Richie and acted like a real ass to Claire. Carmy has some redemption arcs to come, surely, but he might further melt down first. All we really have to go on is speculation for this next season, so let’s keep going.

As for the business of the show, the restaurant passed its first test and got rid of all the health hazards, but now, they must turn a profit. Perhaps they will also aim for a Michelin star, and if it happens, then that still might not be enough to stay afloat. They did, after all, promise to repay Uncle Jimmy rather quickly. Or perhaps those possible mob ties will come and get Jimmy first?

Beyond that, I think it’s clear that Carmy will likely continue to let Sydney down. She could decide to strike out with her own restaurant. Hell, she could pair up with Will Poulter’s Luca and Lionel Boyce’s Marcus and really go to town. Or perhaps Carmy will leave town for awhile (while Jeremy Allen White multiple A24 movies), and Sydney will simply be in charge of the new joint.

On the subject of Richie, Ebon Moss-Bachrach did let it slip to AV Club that he was “on the fence” about whether Richie could have transformed so quickly, so perhaps we’ll see some back and forth there. However, I would argue that his changes were already in motion, and Olivia Colman’s Chef merely set the ball rolling while telling him that Carmy praised him for being “good with people.” Whatever the case, he ended Season 2 as a beloved character, so everyone wants more of Richie.


Jeremy Allen White will be back as Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, and I sure hope that he’s not going to attempt another romance this season. He’s got a lot of work to do! Meanwhile, Ayo Edebiri will continue to rule as Sydney while Moss-Bachrach returns as Cousin Richie. As far as cameos go, Jamie Lee Curtis has got come back to let us know if her character screws up at being a grandmother, too. White revealed that he’d love to see John Turturro and Sam Rockwell as guests, and I don’t believe that the show could forget about Jon Bernthal or Will Poulter. We shall see.

Release Date

Since Season 2 went arrived slightly less than a year after Season 1, the same might happen again, even though Hollywood got slowed down for several months with strikes. However, filming will begin in the new year, and a summer 2024 turnaround is definitely possible.


No trailer exists yet, but c’mon, let’s watch Richie get it together all over again:

The The Bear‘s next entry is in process. Yes, Chefs!