The Best Of Amber Nash’s UPROXX Live Discussion

If your criteria for a good conversation includes, “Someone must say they’re in a jug band, has a dumpster cat named Mr. Meepers, and is a bouncer at a strip club,” then yesterday’s UPROXX live discussion with Archer‘s Amber Nash was a major success. By any criteria, actually, it was blast, with the voice of Pam Poovey sharing her thoughts on Killer Mike, favorite foods, and black firefighters. Plus, a good ol’ round of F*ck, Marry, Kill, ISIS style.

Here’s the best of Amber’s UPROXX discussion. +2,000 for the TaleSpin shout-out. (Banner via Nadia Chaudhury)

@Amber: Have Pam’s lines ever been so outrageous that you weren’t comfortable delivering the dialog?

Masturbate til I bleed was a tough one but hilarious.



@Amber how can I be more like Pam in real life? She’s just so utterly awesome!

I ask myself that everyday. You need a lot of crazy extracurricular activities that might kill you.



@Amber I hate to ask but … are you as crazy in bed as Pam? She rocked Archer’s world and that seems pretty damned hard to do.

Not AS crazy



So lets recap, Pam can tokyo drift, she can raise fighting betta fish, she can sploosh both ways, and double fist bearclaws, What other hidden talents of hers dont we know of yet?

She is in a jug band, has a dumpster cat named Mr. Meepers and is a bouncer at a strip club.



You know Jillian of Workacholics kinda resembles pam

My dream is that Pam is played by John Goodman.



@Amber Dream person to guest star on Archer. I’m 100% okay with Sam Rockwell. Even more ok if he is reprising his role in Galaxy Quest. But others also?

OMG, how did you know that Sam Rockwell is my absolute favorite actor…Box of Moonlight! No one else matters.



@Amber: if you weren’t a voice actor, what profession would you choose?

I actually have a degree in Psychology and was a counselor before I quit my “real” job to become an actor. So, I’d most likely go back to that.



@amber-will you please marry me? I’m a 6’7black firefighter from brooklyn, give me a chance

I need to ask my white husband if it’s o.k.


@Amber — Pam Poovey’s interests aside, what is YOUR favorite food?

My most favorite food is vegetable samosas. Not Pam worthy I know. But I’m a vegetarian.



@amber- Pam’s Atlanta meal: varsity, Waffle House, or Kool Korner for a Cuban?

Ohh good one. Varsity for sure. 2 chili dogs, onion rings and a frosted orange.

That’s just what I used to eat when I was an unfortunately chubby kid.



@Amber Why is this Q&A so vulgar?

Sorry Mom.



@Amber: Fuck, marry, kill: Cyril, Archer, Krieger? Chris Parnell, H. Jon Benjamin, Lucky Yates?

Oh boy Fuck-Archer, Marry-Cyril and Kill-Krieger and interestingly enough the same for the actors. Fuck-Jon (I know weird), Marry- Chris (he is the nicest man alive) and Kill-Lucky (only cause I’ve know that guy for 15 years so we’ve had a good run)



@Amber – You worked with Killer Mike on Frisky Dingo. When is he going to be on Archer and has he ever asked you to rap on one of his albums?

I don’t know if Killer Mike is gonna be on Archer that would be the jams. If Killer Mike asked me to rap on an album I would let him know that while flattered, it’s the worst idea ever.



@Amber: When you do scenes where Pam is eating, do you eat something yourself? Or gnaw on a jawbreaker or something? Seems legit.

Oh yeah they make me eat shit all the time. This season I had to eat a whole bowl of cheese balls.



@Amber – Since Timothy Olyphant did a guest spot on Archer, has anyone contacted you about doing a guest spot on Justified? I think you would be great as Limehouse’s girlfriend.

OMG, not yet but that is a great idea. I would absolutely love to be on Justified and I just recently met those guys and they are the best!



@Amber What makes Pam so…talented that got Archer literally losing his lifeforce to Pam in the sack?

I’m pretty sure it’s because Pam don’t give a shit. She is the most liberated woman in the world and that’s gotta be good for sexing.



@Amber – Do you own a dolphin hand puppet in real life? I noticed they sell them on Amazon and all the reviews mention Pam.

I just got my first dolphin puppet it was the prototype for the ones FX is going to start selling online. IT IS AWESOME!



@Amber, are there any character traits that you share with Pam Poovey? For instance, do you need to begin your days with a Bearclaw and a Shandy?

Well, I gotta say I don’t like bearclaws but I do love a Shandy. I want to be less of a beast then Pam physically so I try to eat healthy. But I do for sure have a dirty mouth!



@Amber – What is your favorite cartoon from the 80’s and rap album from the 90’s? I asked Gillian Jacobs this question last week and she said “Count Duckula and Ill Communication”.

Ah I gotta say my favorite cartoon is TailSpin but that is actually 90’s but early 90’s and Too Legit to Quit.