The Best Of Last Night’s ‘Archer’: The One With Shane The Tiger And A Clone Battle To The Death

Things got weird from the onset of “Filibuster” — the penultimate episode of Archer Season 5 — and we are all the better for it. Misdirections, a three week time lapse, clone battle royales, TIGERS: these are all welcome wrinkles. For as out-of-nowhere as the entire season arc has been, for stretches things have felt a little too formulaic. Last night’s episode threw back to cutting lose and seeing where the bizarre takes us. Sometimes it takes us to getting the New Testament confused with the Star Wars saga.

A lot took place in the narrative as well. People died, characters returned, clones went all Highlander (and we don’t know who exactly is left). There’s a lot to discuss. But before all that here are some of the best lines, moments, and references as documented by yours truly…

  • “WHOA JESUS CHRIST!” — Nice of Lana to vocalize what we were all thinking when the episode kicked off with a beleaguered Archer in full “Heart of Archness” mode (sans sweet shell necklace).
  • Here are the Pincer Movement and Hannibal at The Battle of Cannae links you’ve been looking for.
  • “I said a woman, not a stevedore who lost his hand in a stevedoring accident and then got a hand transplant from an actual bear.” — That’s just good Stevedore usage.
  • I was already geeking out hard over “Cyril is just the Vader to your Palpatine” so needless to say I enjoyed the whole Star Wars-Bible tangent a little too much.
  • So Cyril is pretty much animated Jerry Gergich, correct?
  • “Damn dog” may be my favorite Amber Nash delivered line of the season. “Inappropes” is my second favorite Ray line just after, “Hush, Odie.” You know, in case you guys were curious to where I was standing on these matters.
  • I swear I made up George Borewell all on my own in high school. Swear.
  • “I’m not really comfortable with the Clone Bone.”
  • “Are you going to walk me through your method of organic vaginal hygiene.” – Cherlene is really good at creatively calling people pussies.
  • At first I felt like the Krieger Clone scenes were a little too revealing, but that Krieger Clone fight to the death sequence was, let’s just say, AWE-SOME.
  • Only to immediately get a run for its money by the death by Tiger mutilation scene. I was so happy Archer and Cherlene were only concerned about the safety of Shane.
  • “He’s probably not used to leading.”
  • I’m really starting to appreciate the note gag more and more.
  • “It’s Archer Time.” — I’ve oddly been waiting for that all season.
  • Pop Culture Reference Count: Captain Crunch, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, George Orwell

I’m not going to lie you guys, I was getting a little bullsh*t in the lack of tiger sightings after what was teased in the season premiere montage. I’m not going to say Shane totally makes up for it, but pretty damn close. Do yourself a favor and check out all of Chet’s most excellent tiger GIFs here.

And finally F YEAH HOLLY AND SLATER. Very pleasant sightings and I can’t wait to see how they play into the finale. I knew there was no way Christian Slater playing himself as an undercover CIA agent was only good for one scene. I KNEW IT.