The Best Of Lizzy Caplan’s Reddit AMA

LIZZY CAPLAN IN A MOVIE WITH ALISON BRIE WHERE THEY TALK ABOUT SEXXX. Now that I have your attention: Party Down, Mean Girls, your dreams star Lizzy Caplan is on the campaign trail in support of her new film, Save the Date, and she dropped by Reddit yesterday for an Ask Me Anything (AMA).

She answered questions about the Party Down movie, which is something she’ll be doing until 2047, when the damn thing finally gets made, but also Freaks and Geeks, whether she’ll appear in any more Marvel specials, and Alison Brie. Breaking news, but a lot of people on the Internet are interested in Alison Brie. Sickos.

A sample of our favorite answers — with GIF and image accompaniment — after the jump.

Hi Lizzy! Just wanted to say you were awesome in Party Down. Can you tell us anything about the rumored movie? Also, what’s it like working with Adam Scott?

We have high hopes for the Party Down movie, but everybody went ahead and got super busy since its cancellation. So i’m not sure when it will go down…but I’m confident it WILL go down.


What was it like partying with The Gutte?


Please please please story?

Ripped physique Clingy, silken fabrics hugging said physique You do the math.

How was your experience on Freaks and Geeks?

i was very young and stupid when I did that show. So i mostly sat quivering in the corner…too afraid to talk to anybody. I take zero credit for how awesome that show it…but i milk it for cred often and aggressively.

I attended Hamilton High School for a while and I saw that you had attended there as well. Which of the magnets did you attend? What was your experience there? And is that actually your name on the soccer championships banner in the P.E. gym? I noticed one day that one of them said “Elizabeth Caplan” and I immediately made the connection.

Hey, go yankees! (i’ve never said that before, felt nice) That’s me on the soccer banner. FINALLY somebody recognizes a true accomplishment. I was in the music academy. It was a pretty great place to go to high school. except for the fences…very hard to climb over.


I’ve been waiting TOO long for this moment, lady. I need an answer – what the hell happened to The Class!?

It got cancelled. I thought nobody noticed except the 8 of us in the cast.


Is there any chance of you reprising your SHIELD role in the future? Possibly on the ABC series?

I suppose a guest starring role is always possible. But I have a show coming out in 2013 on Showtime called Masters of Sex that is very similar. Minus the aliens and superheroes and comic book aspect.


Did you befriend Martin Starr on Freaks and Geeks before Party Down?

Martin and I have actually known each other since 2nd grade. For reals. He kissed my friend on the butt during story time. Also for reals.


How many people have said they have a giant lesbian crush on you? How many were quoting Mean Girls? How much fun was Mean Girls to make?

Oh weird, that is a line from Mean Girls. And here I thought I had crazy lesbian game. It was more fun than a pillow fight.


Finding party down on Netflix was a revelation for me…how do you feel about the developing cycle where shows debut, fail, get on netflix, then suddenly become popular? Also, have Ms. Brie get you on Mad Men, you would have a very cool look for that era/on that show.

I think we are in a new world, with the internet and whatnot. I fear change…but it’s never gonna go back to the way it was before. So we may as well embrace it. Plus lots more people are able to produce content these days. So, let’s just call it a great thing. And thanks! I’m doing a show called Masters of Sex next year, and it takes place in roughly the same era…


f*ck marry kill: adam scott, craig robinson, rob corddry go!

F*ck craig—obvs Marry Rob—mainly bc I’d get to see his wife regularly when she’s dropping off the kids Kill Adam–it must be done.


Hey Lizzy, huge fan of you and Party Down! I also loved Bachelorette– what was it like getting to work with such awesome ladies as Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, and Rebel Wilson?

It was like my 16th birthday every minute of every day. But with less vomiting and tears.


Hi! My best friend and I are huge fans of you, especially your role in Party Down. He fell asleep because he is a wuss and can’t stay awake till 7am like I can (Australian timezones). What is your opinion of Australia? Do you have any plans to visit down under?

I find you to be a very attractive people. Draw a dick on your friend’s face.


During the filming of Cloverfield, how much were you interacting with things that weren’t actually there (e.g. the subway tunnel chase scene)? Did you find it challenging to imagine there being frightening creatures in the scene with you?

I tend to live my life thinking there are frightening invisible creatures lurking behind every corner. So it was pretty easy.


What’s Alison Brie like in real life?

She has the body of a goat, but the head of princess. And she smells like flowers the day before they go bad. And she’s a genius actress and a wonderful human.


Is Schmidt from the new girl as douchey in real life as his character?

No, he is the opposite of douchey. Jake Johnson on the other hand…


Do you think social media (facebook, twitter etc) are a positive thing in general and for actors (and other various celebrities) to have? If your answer is yes…would you join?

I think it’s positive for many. Negative for many as well. I don’t have twitter or facebook or any of those HERE’S WHAT IM UP TO things, bc i prefer people to always imagine me galloping through a meadow that’s on fire, atop a wild, white steed. Not yknow, frustrated in line at the supermarket.


Who are your favorite stand up comics?

TJ miller, Nick Kroll, Tig Notaro, Louis CK, Andy Kindler are the first ones to come to mind.


you’re super attractive and i’m going to watch the sh*t out of save the date tonight. can you let me meet alison brie and all the other super babes at NBC shows so i can make out with all of you?

Yes, Alison says she will be over in 20 with Rashida and Gillian.


Concerning trivia: What’s a scientific fact you know that few people are aware of?

If you are being attacked by an alligator, hold his jaws together with everything you’ve got. Bc their jaws are only strong when they are biting down, not opening up.


I hated watching you explode.

That’s not what she said.


Now that you are all sister-sister with Ms. Brie, can you please work your way into Community? Would that interest you?

it would, indeed.


AHH YOU’RE AWESOME. Can you talk a little bit about how you got involved in Save the Date?

I read the script, and fell in love with its honesty and humor. And then I met with the writer/director Michael Mohan and he didn’t annoy me…that was pretty much it. It’s a really good movie…if you like films like Reality Bites and Singles and are mad that people don’t make movies like that much anymore..this one’s for you!


Did Alison rap on set often, and can we expect said raps on a DVD sometime?

Yes she did. It’s impressive. I served as her hype man. Less impressive, sure. But a job that must be done.


Can you talk a little bit about the difficulty of finding good female lead roles? Save The Date, even in terms of indie filmmaking, is few and far between.

I must say, since Bridesmaids kicked all kinds of ass, i’ve noticed there have been far more good female roles. It used to be way more soul-crushing to be an actress. Now everybody is willing to entertain the notion that women are funny. Suckers.


If you were pictured in a Us Weekly “stars – they’re just like us”, what would you be doing? Hopefully not some dog thing. I don’t like dogs. I do like pictures of puppies. Marry me.

But I’m made of dogs. It would never work out.


Please marry me. I have nothing to offer, but I bought the Party Down DVDs.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.