The Best Of Rainn Wilson’s Reddit Ask Me Anything

Rainn Wilson, who plays Battlestar Galactica enthusiast Dwight Schrute on The Office, held one of the better celebrity AMAs on Reddit last night, even though he didn’t say anything about the website’s recent kerfuffle with Gawker. WEIRD. Wilson responded honestly to questions about the current state of The Office, the show’s low ratings, NBC’s lack of promotion, and what having with sex with Ellen Page in Super was like.

The actor, who was there not only to pimp The Office and his upcoming spinoff, The Farm, but also his YouTube channel SoulPancake (featuring a video with the dude from System of a Down), also gave a surprising answer for what his favorite character to play has been. HINT: it’s not Dave O’Hanlon from America’s Sweethearts. Here’s his visual verification, and here are our favorite answers.

What your favorite funny scene/joke/line that never made it to the final cut of the show?

Dude. i did a shirtless talking head monologue in Dothraki for the last episode and it was hysterical. Didn’t make the cut. No idea why.


Question: Out of all the characters you’ve played, which is your favorite and why?

Arthur Martin from 6 feet under…It was the first role where I got to really show what I can do both comedically and dramatically. He was ‘out there’ but a 3 dimensional human being – that’s the kind of role I like best. Taking a role that could be a cartoon and humanizing it – finding the soul underneath the absurdity….I didnt think of him as creepy at all. I thought of him as completely guile-less and open-hearted which, of course, comes off creepy!

How do you feel about the Office post-Steve Carell?

I think some mistakes were made in the Office last season creatively. That being said I think some of the best, most interesting and funniest stuff we’ve ever done was last season. The Talahassee stuff was pretty sublime I thought. The Episode when I had an appendectamy was brilliant.


Do you believe that these mistakes were made because of the absence of Michael Scott, or because of the change in main writers?

Paul Lieberstein (Toby) had been running the show the two seasons before Steve left and was doing a great job. There was something about the energy of the ensemble that was off. James Spader is one of the greatest actors known to man but the chemistry with him and Ed running the office was a bit dark and needed to be brighter and more energized. IMHO.

I think you look the best with a short beard and no glasses. When do you think you look the best?

Long beard. Eye patch. Crotchless panties.


What is your relationship with Mindy Kaling like? I read her book and she makes it sound like you’re frenemies.

I adore Mindy. She is a force of nature and a sweet sweet heart. We also give each other shit mercilessly. Also, I hate her.

How awkward was the sex scene with Ellen Page?

Not awkward! A W E S O M E!


Out of the many cast members on The Office, who do you think you’re most likely to keep in touch with after the show is over? You seem to have great chemistry with the whole cast, so it’s tough to tell from a viewing perspective. Also, are you still in touch with Steve Carrell?

I truly love the whole cast. I suppose I’ll stay bestest friends with Angela and Jenna. Oscar just had a baby girl! Named August. I’m going to kidnap her and sell her in Venezuela. I still see and talk to Steve occasionally too.


What do you believe are the reasons for The Office having lower ratings this season? (As indicated by your co-star Jenna Fischer)

Most all TV shows have lower ratings this season. Also NBC didn’t promote us one bit.


Do you ever worry about being typecast? If so, do you plan on taking roles that go against that type in the future?

I will always be known for Dwight and I’m fine with that. I’m so fucking grateful for the role! I have always been an actor and i’ll just keep acting and people will see my range BUT they’ll still say “hey, there’s Dwight from The Office!”


What is your favorite opening scene from The Office?

I have a ton of great favorite pranks. I loved when Jim moved my desk to the bathroom and Kevin was in there. I love the paper mache’ desk. I love the fax from future dwight.

How does Nick Offerman smell in real life?

Like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.


when was the moment you realized “I’m going to love being Dwight Schrute” Were you auditioned for that role ?? how was that experience????

I was THE VERY FIRST PERSON TO AUDITION FOR THE AMERICAN OFFICE. I did a terrible ricky gervais immitation for the part of Michael but nailed “Dwight”. I knew the part would be mine. I just knew exactly how he needed to be! It was an instinct thing.


Other than The Office, what is the funniest half hour on on tv right now?



Was it hard reaching such emotional depth in Hesher?

It was very challenging doing the deep emotional work for Hesher. I didn’t talk to people for most of the shoot and stayed inside myself for the most part, listening to Bon Iver and trying to access grief. It was a workout! But I’m very proud of that movie and of my work in it.


What is your favorite hot sauce?


I dunno, hot sauce is good on meatballs? (Via)

Who do you think is the funniest Office character besides yourself??

Craig Robinson.


Do you perform your own stunts on the office? loved the tight-rope-bike bit.

There was a stunt guy who was actually suspended above the parking lot on that bike (while wired to the cable) He also did a bunch of those amazingly great flips and stunts on the slack line. Forget his name unfortunately. He was amazing and made me look great!


How do you feel about becoming a popular meme as well as your popularity on the show?

I love that Dwight is a bobble-head, a graffiti, a meme and an icon of weirdness for a generation. So thankful to the fans for making Dwight a legend of TV.