The Best Questions Louis C.K. Didn’t Answer on Reddit, and the Rest of the Morning Links

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12.13.11 5 Comments

‘Worst In Show’ Looks Incredible — A behind-the-scenes look at the world’s ugliest dogs. It’s like Bizzaro Corgi Friday. (Film Drunk)

Battle Without Honor or Continence — The video’s YouTube description: “Two babies performing Taekwondo with a mother laughing in the background.” Great thing, or greatest thing? (With Leather)

The Best and Horrifically Worst of the 2011 Air Sex World Championships — You may want to click this at home, or at least in the office bathroom, where you can not masturbate in peace. (With Leather)

25 Awesomely Nerdy Snowmen — Chain Chomp Snowman (-woman?) makes me happy. (Gamma Squad)

The Best of #Troy And Abed — Heh, Butt Soup. (Uproxx)

Here’s a “Game of Throne” Teaser With Some Nice Joffrey B*tch-Slapping — We requested, Cajun Boy responded. Now with Jay-Z, Kanye, and Frank Ocean. (Uproxx)

25 Celebs Playboy Should Have Spent a Million Bucks On — I must disagree with Jennifer Lopez, but I agree 1,000x for Rashida Jones and Freida Pinto. (Smoking Section)

10 Classic “Doctor Who” Companions Who Were Not Hot Chicks — This is the kind of stuff Matt wouldn’t have allowed on Warming Glow before. Actually, there’s a perfectly good reason for that. BRING BACK MATT/WE NEED KAREN GILLAN. (Fark)

Hi I’m Louis C.K. and this is a thing — Yesterday, Louis C.K. held an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on Reddit to support his new giraffe-humping stand-up special, “Live at the Beacon Theatre.” He answered dozens of questions, but thousands went ignored. Some of the oddest ones (and my favorite “Louie” clip) after the jump. (Reddit)

Whose idea was the pimp who loves dirt in Pooty Tang? And where can I get some of that fine columbian un-cut dirt?

So I recently learned that you had a major role in making the movie “Pootie Tang”, do you recommend that I watch this film?

At what age do farts become unfunny?

In Lucky Louie Pamela Adlon played your hot wife but in Louis she friend zones you hard. What changed?

What’s the nastiest sh*t you ever ate?

Why did you take the job in San Diego? Pawnee is the greatest city in America. Leslie could have been yours.

Hey I’m a feminist who loves your work but I have to read a lot of annoying shit from other feminists in that circle of course. What do you think of…the RAPE JOKES ARE NEVER FUNNY equation. My bro any I often have the joke with each other where we stare at each other solemnly and say, rape jokes are never funny.

Did you really pick up a male prostitute in Montreal by accident or is it just a joke you make in your shows?

I can’t picture you using a computer. why is that?

Hayyyy. You rule. How was your last dump?

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