The Best Show on TV Returns July 15th

Here are the five best things that have happened on July 15 throughout history:

#5. Johnny Thunders was born (1952)

#4. The duck-billed platypus arrived in America from Australia (1922)

#3. The Nintendo Entertainment System was released in Japan (1985)

#2. Napoleon Bonaparte was captured (1815)

#1. “Breaking Bad” begins its fifth and final season (2012)

Vince Gilligan’s Emmy Award-winning meth drama will return to AMC on July 15th at 10 p.m. As expected, the season is also being split into two parts: the first eight episodes will air this summer, the final eight next summer. In the endless, drama-free weeks between the end of “Game of Thrones” and “Mad Men” and beginning of “Breaking Bad,” I plan to spend my time slowly going insane in random crawl spaces:

Yeah, that looks about right.