The Best TV Lines of 2011

So here’s the thing. The Huffington Post and its readers compiled this list of the best lines from television over the past year, and it’s… I don’t know, fine? Underwhelming? Sure, they hit some of the biggies, like “I am the one who knocks!” and Ron Swanson’s demand for “all the bacon and eggs you have,” but they left a lot on the table. A LOT. I understand it’s not easy to smush a whole year of television into under two minutes, but you can’t exactly make that argument when you included the full 20 second clip of Jim saying goodbye to Michael on “The Office.” Was it a notable moment from the past year? Of course. Did it warrant devoting a full 10% of the compilation to it? Not even close. Especially considering there wasn’t a single line from “Community” or “Justified” in the video, or any mention of a rum ham. That simply will not do.

Honestly, I think we can do better. Check that… I KNOW we can do better. So watch the video after the jump, and feel free to leave your own favorite lines from the past year in the comments. I’ll get the party started by quoting a very wise man who knows a thing or two about starting parties.

Well said, sir.