CBS Is Toying With The Idea Of A ‘Big Bang Theory’ Spinoff About A Young Sheldon Cooper

Have you ever heard of The Big Bang Theory? It’s a CBS sitcom about a group of nerdy friends and their hot neighbor who, when they’re not all too busy gawking at the latter, find time to do crazy, zany and hilariously nerdy things that real-life nerds totally understand and appreciate. It also features some of the television industry’s highest paid actors, though with these costs and floundering ratings in its 10th season, there’s a chance TBBT won’t return for an 11th season in 2017. That’s okay, because the big wigs at CBS and Warner Bros. are already hammering out a spinoff all about Sheldon Cooper’s (Jim Parsons) formative years as a young, socially awkward genius in rural Texas.

According to information obtained by Variety, the untitled project will be executive produced by Parsons, as well as TBBT co-creator Chuck Lorre and showrunner Steve Molaro. Fellow co-creator Bill Prady is “likely to be on board,” though whether or not he was a part of the spinoff’s creative development remains to be seen. Even so, there’s no guarantee any of this is actually going to happen since Molaro hasn’t even finished the script yet:

Molaro will write the script focusing on Sheldon, the idiosyncratic and neurotic genius, as a youth growing up in Texas. The character’s colorful family and formative years in the Lone Star state have often been referenced on Big Bang Theory.

Variety reports the team and executives at CBS and Warner Bros. are “nearing a script deal,” though nothing is set in stone just yet. If the deal does go through, and The Big Bang Theory: Origins actually happens, let’s hope they somehow find a way to involve Laurie Metcalf, who plays Sheldon’s mother Mary. She did earn an Emmy nomination for the role (as well as Horace and Pete), after all.

(Via Variety)