Anna Paquin On What’s Changed Most About Her Over The Course Of ‘True Blood’: Her ‘T*ts’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
07.16.14 5 Comments

Anna Paquin filmed her final True Blood scene last week, and she’s getting emotional. On last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, she was asked about a recent flashback scene, and if it was weird being seven years older and having to play your younger self. SOOKEH replied, “I mean, yes, but mostly because we had to actually put those costumes back on, and it turns out that pre-baby t*ts are, like, so much bigger than post-baby t*its.” The word “t*ts” was, of course, bleeped out by NBC, but you can’t blame Paquin for not knowing you can’t say that word on network TV — HBO spoiled her.

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