‘The Boys’ Celebrated Its Season 3 Wrap With A Middle Finger-Filled NSFW Video

The hype is high for Season 3 of The Boys, as the Amazon original seems intent on upping the ante with more and more ridiculous superhero antics through its first two seasons. Its stars and those behind the scenes are certainly teasing some wild stuff, but there isn’t anything concrete we know will happen other than the much-talked-about “herogasm.”

What we do know, however, is that the show’s latest season is officially done filming. As the show’s social media accounts declared on Friday, Season 3 has officially wrapped. And everyone involved celebrated with a video that didn’t reveal all that much other than the fact that they all get to go home now.

There’s a good bit of profanity from the show’s stars, but also a nice scene featuring Karl Urban, who addressed the show’s cast and crew at the wrap with some very kind words.

“Every single one of you has stepped it up this year,” Urban said. “And, you know I think it’s going to be our best season yet.”

We’ll have to wait and see, one episode at a time, as The Boys has yet to lock down a Season 3 premiere date just yet. Just don’t ask when if you want to see it anytime soon.