‘The Boys’ Pretended To ‘Spoil’ The Season 3 Ending, And It’s A Doozy Of A Fakeout

The Boys triumphantly returned for Season 2 in September 2020 and headed into production surprisingly fast (considering what was happening last year) in Toronto. Don’t you dare ask on Twitter when Season 3 will arrive, however, because the show has faux-threatened to push things back simply to be a pain in the butt. The show’s social media account is also having a grand old time while fake-spoiling the next season finale, which will have to really up the ante after Homelander’s raunchy display that led us deep into his messed-up psyche.

So, what else besides a jacked Jensen Ackles and a “Herogasm” episode will the next season have to offer? Well, the show’s now pretending that the season will end just like Newhart did in 1990. Yes, they went there.

“Season 3 ends with Hughie waking up in bed with Susanne Pleshette,” The Boys tweeted. “[A]nd telling her about the weird dream he had where a guy with a beard kept swearing at him.”

The “guy with a beard who kept swearing” would, of course, be Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher character, and Jack Quaid’s Hughie is envisioned here while waking up and realizing that The Boys never actually happened. This is all, of course, a play on Newhart ending with Bob Newhart waking up next to his wife, played by Suzanne Pleshette, from his 1970s sitcom, The Bob Newhart Show. It’s a pretty smartass reference to make for superhero-satire show, but it’s right in line with the series’ usual social media approach.

As for Jack Quaid, he also offered this as a response: “There was SO much blood! Arguably too much!”

Yup, get ready for (apparently) even more blood than the whale scene, whenever Season 3 arrives (again, don’t ask).