The Chick from ‘Doctor Who’ Likes to Party

06.27.11 7 years ago 41 Comments

Karen Gillan, the 23-year-old co-star of “Doctor Who,” was found naked in the hallway of her New York City hotel at 7 a.m. following a night of “riotous” partying, according to the always-subtle Daily Mail. A male permanent resident of the Ace Hotel — who the hell lives in a hotel? — reported the incident:

The resident, who later identified the stranger as Miss Gillan, said: ‘I went to the peephole and looked out. I saw a man at the lift who was looking back at someone who was attempting to open my door… the next thing I saw was a woman giving this person at my door two towels before getting into the lift and leaving.

‘Then I saw this young woman, completely naked, trying to wrap two towels around her and not having much luck. ‘She then started to whimper and knock on my door. Seeing that she wasn’t  getting anywhere, she lay down with the towels covering her.’ Security then arrived, noticed her room key and wrapped her up and took her back to her suite.

To recap: a hot, naked, disoriented redhead tried to get into this man’s hotel room, and he just watched from the peephole. Why yes, the gay pride parade was this weekend. Why do you ask?

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