The Coen Brother Not Married To Frances McDormand Hasn’t Watched TV ‘In Decades’

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Brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, better known as the one who’s married to Frances McDormand and the one who isn’t married to Frances McDormand, are executive producers of FX’s Fargo, Uproxx’s best show of 2014. But don’t expect them to watch it any time soon, or ever.

The brothers comically grim are the jury presidents at the Cannes Film Festival. During a press conference yesterday, they professed their lack of love for television.

Asked on their apparent disdain for TV – despite the success of the FX series Fargo – Ethan Coen said he “hadn’t watched TV in decades” and Joel Coen said that his wife, Frances McDormand, would “kill him” as she had just completed work on an HBO series – presumably Olive Kitteridge, in which McDormand plays a math teacher. (Via)

I would love to know the last show Ethan watched, the series that made him say, “Nope, not for me.” I bet it was that episode of Small Wonder where Vicki gets a robot cat.

Via the Guardian

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