‘The Colbert Report’ Acknowledged Gwen Stefani’s New Pronunciation Of The Show With This Updated Opening

Two nights ago Gwen Stefani made known to the world that she had no idea who Stephen Colbert is by mispronouncing his last name when awarding The Colbert Report the Emmy for Outstanding Variety/Music/Comedy Series. Twenty-four hours later Colbert aired a pre-taped show that not only worked in a camera phone video Emmy update bit (with the help of Jeff Bridges!), but also adjusted the show’s intro to reflect the proper new pronunciation (above). You know, because Colbert is the best, and this is just so much better than actually talking about it (I still prefer to think there was a hard “t”).

Here’s the full episode intro that was taped a week plus in advance. Unfortunately it cuts off right before the “Colbore” graphic, but at least you get The Dude and sincere real-life Stephen Colbert cutting in to update the nation that they won.

[protected-iframe id=”816d24f9a7f10b9885563f15f984f2c4-60970621-60075864″ info=”″ width=”650″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″]

Image via @Ditzkoff