The Comedian ‘Parks And Recreation’ Cast To Play Bizarro Donna Is Perfect

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Not since I first saw the Face/Off trailer have I been so excited for people I love to play bizarro versions of…more people I love. In sixth season episode of Parks and Recreation, we’ll meet the evil Eagleton versions of Pawnee’s finest (and Tom), including Kristen Bell as Leslie, Sam Elliott as Ron, and ripped Chris Pratt as Andy. While the world anxiously awaits “The Jerry,” Michael Schur has already cast “The Donna,” and it’s perfect.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Billy Eichner, host of Fuse’s Billy on the Street, will play the doppelganger of Retta’s self-treating, auto-obsessed Donna.

“He’s one of the funniest human beings I have ever seen in my entire life,” raves exec producer Mike Schur, “and he’s Donna’s Eagleton doppelganger.”

The Eagleton-Pawnee plot, which will take place over several episodes, finds the rival towns embarking on “a joint venture,” explains Schur, which will allow viewers to finally meet the Pawnee crew’s equivalents. ” If you were in the Eagleton Parks Department, what would it look like? We wanted to show that world.” (Via)

Schur adds that he’s still on the lookout for April’s double and Tom’s is being kept a secret, “not [because of] who the actor is – it’s the concept behind it.” It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Mark Brendanawicz…

(Via TVLine)

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