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If you’re wondering why Warming Glow is running a little slowly today, it’s because I’ve been watching and re-watching all the videos of Conan O’Brien interacting with his pretentious, metrosexual associate producer, Jordan Schlansky.  Schlansky enjoys Tuscan food, fine wine, the band Rush, ballroom dancing, and shaving his chest.  He first appeared in a “Late Night” segment during the writers’ strike last winter, which led to Conan taping a segment in which they had dinner together, which finally led to last night’s segment.

I don’t know, maybe I’m alone in this, but there’s some kind of magical comedic balance between Conan’s utter zaniness and Schlansky’s total self-seriousness that makes for compelling, hilarious television.  From the first video (see below):

Conan: How did you get interested in ballroom dancing?

Jordan: I had an embarrassing experience in France.  Two Danish models approached me in a club and asked me to dance. I didn’t know how, I tried anyway —

Conan: –so you murdered them.

Jordan: [looks away]

Conan: What else could you do?  Those bitches had to die.

How this hasn’t been adapted into a reality show already is a mystery to me.  Watch all the grandeur after the jump.

(with thanks to Videogum)

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