The Cussing Bismarck News Anchor Got Fired

04.22.13 33 Comments


Last night we brought you the news that first-time news anchor A.J. Clemente had accidentally opened the Bismarck nightly news by saying “F*ckin’ sh*t” into his live microphone. At the time, I — and many others online — pleaded with KFYR-TV to avoid taking drastic action. But it looks like those pleas fell on deaf ears, as A.J. tweeted earlier today that the station has decided to let him go.

This is so dumb. Yes, a person who works in live television should always act as though his or her microphone is live. And yes, it was far from the most professional thing for him to do, live mic or not. But firing him doesn’t un-f*ck the situation in any way, at least not any more than a suspension and on-air apology. I mean, this is a dude who was making his first appearance as an anchor. You think he didn’t learn his lesson? And do you think that many of the people who called in to complain would actually still care six weeks from now after he had a chance to redeem himself? Answers: no and no. I swear to God I’m boycotting KFYR if I ever end up in Bismarck for some reason. TEAM KBNY 17.

Someone hire this man. Pronto.

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