The CW Might Be Putting Two More DC Comics Shows On The Air

If you like The Flash or Arrow, good news: They’ve both been renewed, for a second and fourth season respectively. And from the looks of things, they’re going to have company next season.

First up is Vixen, which is an animated series set in the same continuity as the two DC series and features the supermodel who can imitate the power of any animal. This will be debuting first online, on The CW’s Seed website, but seems to be built to make the hop to network, not unlike Cartoon Network’s DC Nation shorts.

The second one is a bit more tentative, but it seems that the CW is mulling spinning off Brandon Routh’s Atom into his own series. It appears that said talks are extremely early and it’s unlikely we’d see it before the 2016/2017 season, but considering that The Flash is so popular, it can boost Arrow‘s ratings… at the very least, they’re going to try, especially if fans love it when Routh suits up. Now, if they could trim back his general creepiness, that’d be good.

Either way, expect DC to keep exploring putting superheroes on the small screen. Constantine looks likely to be renewed and Gotham is Fox’s sole freshman hit. So don’t expect the comic book-based shows to stop coming any time soon.