The Daily Sheen: Op-Ed Pages

Okay, I think we’ve survived the worst of Hurricane Charlie’s strafing runs. Let’s hope this is the last edition of the Daily Sheen. For those of you already tired of the subject, here is a picture of a French bulldog with sunglasses.

REMINDER: CHARLIE SHEEN HITS WOMEN. In a scathing and completely on-point editorial in the New York Times, Jezebel’s Anna Holmes illuminates how the media has been soft on Sheen’s violence against women just because his women tend to be whores. It’s a great point, but c’mon, Anna: tiger’s blood. F-18. Vatican assassin warlock. Tell me that wasn’t worth it. [NYT]

THIS WILL MAKE YOUR DAY. While I’m getting fatigued with Sheen-isms, I absolutely loved the Emilio Estevez meme that Vince and friends developed on the Frotcast. Emilio’s just slightly less gnarly than his big brother. [FilmDrunk]

BROOKE MUELLER, PARIS HILTON, REALITY SHOW. Paris Hilton says that her new reality show will include the drama of her friend Mueller, who happens to be going through some stuff with ex-husband Charlie Sheen. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. [WENN/Yahoo]

SURVEY SAYS: A-HOLE. This one’s going to shock you, but apparently stating that you’re better than normal people will alienate you from the normal people who are your audience. After watching Sheen’s “Good Morning America” appearance, “85% of the 748 Americans polled by HCD said they did not think Sheen could remain drug-free. The number of people who said it was appropriate for CBS to shut down ‘Two and a Half Men’ for the rest of the season after Sheen’s outbursts rose 10 percentage points (from 54% to 64%) after they saw Sheen’s remarks on ABC. Viewers also downgraded him on likability, believability and sincerity after seeing the video.” [LA Times]