‘The Daily Show’ Compared All These GOP Debates To ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Sequels

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On Tuesday night, we had another Republican presidential debate, which of course meant The Daily Show would have a breakdown drawn up for Wednesday night. While the continued lack of respect for time limits and JEB’s lack of charisma were both brought up, Trevor Noah was drawn to one particular gaffe from Sen. Ted Cruz.

Much like former-Gov. Rick Perry in 2012, Cruz was unable to name all of the government agencies he would like to cut funding for. As Noah would go on to note, Cruz handled his gaffe much better than Perry. Apparently not lingering too long, powering through, even with a repeat, and not using the word “oops” seems to work out just fine.

Donald Trump also came up, as he tends to during these debates. While it was odd to see Trump booed by fellow Republicans, he turned it around when bringing up his immigration policy. Trump noted that if President Eisenhower could get rid of a lot of illegal immigrants in a federal operation, he could, too. You may have noticed that he doesn’t actually use the name or detail the operation, as that might undercut its intentions.

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Because there was so much to cover, a few things were left out of Noah’s broader recap. So, correspondent Desi Lydic fact-checked a few of the candidates’ boasts. Her research led to questioning Trumps’ friendship with Vladimir Putin and discovering the true root of socialism.

(Via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)