‘The Daily Show’ Noticed A Lot Of Similarities Between CPAC And The Capitol Riot

Thousands of mask-less conservatives were treated to the best that the GOP has to offer this past weekend. There was the alien cult guy, Ted Cruz cracking jokes, Donald Trump, Jr. ranting about the Muppets being canceled, and of course, the big man himself, who performed all his greatest hits about “The Big Lie” and blah blah blah.

Also in attendance was Missouri senator Josh Hawley, who received a standing ovation for refusing to accept the election results. “On January the 6th, I objected during the Electoral College certification. Maybe you heard about it. I did,” he said, conveniently leaving out the part where rioters stormed the Capitol Building, leaving five people dead.

The Daily Show pointed out the similarities between CPAC 2021 and what happened on January 6 in a tweet on Monday. The video goes from Tom Cotton (R-AR) saying, “We will never retreat… we will never surrender,” to Trump imploring the “Save America” rally that “now is not the time to retreat… We will never surrender.” Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) are also in the montage, as is Cruz. He appears in a split-screen screaming “FREEDOM” alongside (and along with) the QAnon Shaman.

You can watch the clip below.