‘The Daily Show’ Explains The Reality Behind All Those Crazy People They Interview

Jessica Williams got the chance to get reacquainted with some of The Daily Show’s past classic interviews, something she probably regrets after the responses she had to put up with during this segment. Jon Stewart mentions that the most asked question during the Jon Stewart’s ask hole segment last week involved the validity of the interview subjects we’ve seen on the show over the years.

Yes, they’re all real and the majority of them are aware the show is there to make fun of them. So the horrible things they say, that’s the truth. No editing, shady questioning and no camera tricks. That guy really did say n*gger this and n*gger that and that reverend really did compare Obama to Hitler and said Starbucks flavors their coffee with semen.

Hopefully these segments don’t change too much in the Trevor Noah era because they’ve been consistently great since the Craig Kilborn version of the show. A revolving door of nuts and mouthy people who provide the kind of unintentional humor that wasn’t always around before the Internet.

(Via The Daily Show)