‘The Daily Show’ Has The Perfect Comparison For Donald Trump Backing Out Of The GOP Debate

When Donald Trump pulled out of Thursday’s Fox News GOP Debate, it was hard to believe. If Trump loves anything, it is attention. And he’s gotten a lot of attention thanks to his many debate appearances these days and the networks have shown it’s a popular attraction. So pulling out only seems like a false alarm or precautionary measure to gain more attention.

But now it seems like it is the real deal, with a competing event in Iowa and a defensive stance on social media.

This turn of events has caused many to question the true reason why Trump is pulling from the debate. Is he above a debate now that he’s apparently the lead in the polls? Is he tired of standing for hours at a time to answer silly questions? Or is he scared of Megyn Kelly, the chosen moderator for Thursday’s debate. The two have their past differences and many have said that Trump is scared to face Kelly in debate once again. Other folks, like Ted Cruz, think Trump just doesn’t want to debate.

The Daily Show has its own thoughts, sticking close to the Kelly theory and pulling out the perfect comparison — in my opinion. Trump is essentially just a big dog that’s afraid to walk past a cat on the stairs. So instead, he’s going to go build his own set of stairs, bad mouth the cat, say he doesn’t care about the cat at all, and then moves on to saying Rand Paul shouldn’t even be running for president.

That, or he’s an African dictator. That’s likely a good comparison too. Or how about a dog that is also an African dictator? Give it a shot.

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