‘The Daily Show’ Runs Down The Obvious Reasons That Hillary Clinton Owns The Black Vote

Entertainment Writer
11.02.16 5 Comments

If you ask Trevor Noah, he knows exactly why Hillary Clinton has an iron grip on the black vote across America. No, it isn’t because Donald Trump has the support of people like David Duke and the KKK. That’d be far too simple. Instead, it’s because Hillary Clinton and African Americans share plenty of the same experiences with those trying to keep them down.

As it stands, Trump has around 0% to 2% of the African American vote depending on where you look and who you ask. No matter what, it’s not looking good for Trump and “the blacks” as he likes to put it. And The Daily Show seems to know why, running down the list of Clinton similarities with the black community. There’s the hot sauce in the bag, something she apparently did long before Beyonce and before Lemonade. Does that mean Beyonce stole Lemonade from Hillary? Yes, says Trevor Noah.

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